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╚╝The Nine Bears
╚╝Chapter I. N.H.C.
╚╝Chapter II. A Business Consultation
╚╝Chapter III. In Which a Certain Momentous Question Is Asked
╚╝Chapter IV. Which Relates to a Newspaper Suicide
╚╝Chapter V. Count Poltavo Offers His Services
╚╝Chapter VI. A Stranger Comes to Burgos
╚╝Chapter VII. Some Disappearances
╚╝Chapter VIII. The Ambassador Takes a Hand
╚╝Chapter IX. Introducing T.B. Smith
╚╝Chapter X. The Anticipators
╚╝Chapter XI. At Bronte's Bank
╚╝Chapter XII. Murder
╚╝Chapter XIII. Hyatt
╚╝Chapter XIV. Sir George Dines
╚╝Chapter XV. The Dancing Girl
╚╝Chapter XVI. Mary Brown
╚╝Chapter XVII. Deportation
╚╝Chapter XVIII. In the "Journal" Office
╚╝Chapter XIX. The Book
╚╝Chapter XX. At the Admiralty
╚╝Chapter XXI. Poltavo Strikes
╚╝Chapter XXII. The Convict from Ceuta
╚╝Chapter XXIII. The House on the Hill
╚╝Chapter XXIV. The Nine Bears
╚╝Chapter XXV. In the Garden
╚╝Chapter XXVI. T.B. Smith Reports
╚╝Chapter XXVII. The Lost Warship
╚╝Chapter XXVIII. The "Maria Braganza"
╚╝Chapter XXIX. A Matter of Insurance
╚╝Chapter XXX. The "Mad Warship"
╚╝Chapter XXXI. The Flight
╚╝Chapter XXXII. Poltavo Leaves Hurriedly
╚╝Chapter XXXIII. At "Lolo"
╚╝Chapter XXXIV. The Last of the Nine

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