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╚╝I. The Adjutant's Madness
╚╝II. Military Motoring
╚╝III. Advertising the Army
╚╝IV. Army Manners
╚╝V. The Umpire
╚╝VI. Erudition
╚╝VII. Bertie
╚╝VIII. Nobby's Part
╚╝IX. The Clairvoyant
╚╝X. Boots
╚╝XI. Ju-Jitsu
╚╝XII. The New Officer
╚╝XIII. The Agitator
╚╝XIV. Missing Words
╚╝XV. The New Rules
╚╝XVI. The Chef
╚╝XVII. The Journalist
╚╝XVIII. The Photographer
╚╝XIX. The Bookmaker
╚╝XX. Back To Civil Life
╚╝XXI. The Brothers
╚╝XXII. The Ghost Of Heilbron Kopje
╚╝XXIII. Sacrifice


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