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╚╝Practicing dissidence...
╚╩╩╝Goddog in Great Britain
╚╩╩╝Expanding my language
╚╩╩╝(Orrible?) Marvellous (!!!) Monsters!
╚╩╩╝Gods vs Science
╚╩╩╝Paradise lost and recuperated
╚╩╩╝On->in your head
╚╩╩╝Italian railways
╚╩╩╝Good Families vs god's families
╚╩╩╝Good morning to you too
╚╩╩╝Ode to the Pig!
╚╩╩╝Via con'vento - Gone with the Wind
╚╩╩╝Bread is in the oven
╚╩╩╝Biblical god shuts you up!
╚╩╩╝Love knows no boundaries of race or gender
╚╩╩╝Blood, that steals, stolen.
╚╩╩╝I have some cousins of mine for lunch
╚╩╩╝Naked Truth
╚╩╩╝"Operation Bergoglio" does not work
╚╩╩╝UN vs Vatican City
╚╩╩╝His sacrifice not be in vain...
╚╩╩╝Little prayer at night
╚╩╩╝"Your lie is rock"..."and on this rock I will build my Church"
╚╩╩╝Melius leo ante quam secerdos ad tergum
╚╩╩╝Injuring truth
╚╩╩╝Byte & go, bit & god
╚╝(Is) Joseph descendant (?) of Adam (?)
╚╝Lord of the mosquitoes
╚╝Logical fallacies of Buddhist philosophy
╚╝Losing their religion ↔ power
╚╩╩╝Don't eat! I am on diet!
╚╝Atheist Rationalist
╚╝Adolf Christ
╚╝Phallic crucifix
╚╝I sell my soul...soul for sale!
╚╝If god is, it is off!
╚╝Di'verse (answer) against diversion

Practicing dissidence...

My first poems in the new languages I'm adopting and that are adopting me. Maybe a style excercise...

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